4 Simple Prayers

Praying is good for both the mind and the soul, even if you’re an Athiest. I am not going to tell you who or what you should believe. Prayer is open to all and crosses religious boundaries.  You don’t need a dimly lit room with harps playing in the background. It doesn’t have to be … Read more

Take One Breath, Just like Brushing Your Teeth Part 2

Last week I introduced the “just like brushing your teeth series” and kicked it off with a post about Journaling. A short (less than 500 words), straight-to-the-point conversation on Journaling, Meditation, and Prayer – small practical things you can do every day. Little actions that when repeated consistently make a big impact.  Meditation – Just … Read more

Books I have read in 2018

It was a slow start to the year but I got back into reading Here is The 2018 List: Principles by Ray Dalio  Less: A Visual Guide to Minimalism by Rachel Aust  Out of the Maze (Who moved my cheese sequel) by Dr Spencer Johnson  Year of Living Biblically by A.J Jacobs  Thanks a Thousand by … Read more