Tools: The list is not huge right now but I will add things I find useful, share your thoughts and I will add the useful stuff 🙂

Recommended reading:

Tim Ferriss

Noah Kagan

Wait But Why


Casey Niestat – I watched his Daily VLOG from the start here, the insight into his daily life as he is starting and growing a company is very inspiring.

Principles by Ray Dalio – also I recommend watching his video on how the economy works

Fire Escape Griller – Really easy to follow BBQ recipes by a New Yorker who grills on his fire escape.

VisualPolitik -great short 10 min videos about different countries polictial and economic decisions and the impact they have had. Here are his NZ ones.


Story Time (for Kids) 


Run Repeat – when buying shoes I always look up the review first, easy to find while your standing in the shop. 


Net Worth Calculator – everyone needs to know where they stand 

Global Rich list – I share this whenever I hear someone moan about money

NZ Based Finance Stuff: 

Sharesight – I just spent an hour setting this up last week 

Superlife – for KiwiSaver, for Kids Savings, for my ETF investments

ASB shares – this is what I have used to buy individual shares

Smart and Lazy – NZ comparison of Index Funds (thanks Andy) 


Five Minute Journal – “a toothbrush for your mind”

Got something awesome to add to this list? Let me know and I will check it out  🙂