Expanding from a One Man Band

I bumped into my friend Josh (great name right) the other morning. We had both turned up to the same cafe to sit down and work. I sat down to say hi and we ended up talking about his business for an hour or so.  Josh is a very talented graphic designer, with a knack … Read more

What to Do When Sales Are Down 

Sales, aka revenue, turnover, or cashflow has come up in discussion with several of my friends (who own businesses) recently. Each one has been at a different stage of their sales cycles and it’s been interesting to observe their thoughts, mood and feelings towards the business.  It reminded about how much of an impact the … Read more

How are you funding this mini retirement? 

When I said I was taking a mini-retirement in good old Upper Hutt there were a number of questions, such as “How did you get to this point?” and “How are you funding it?” But the most common was “Does Katie work”? The answer is yes! What I think the question is alluding to is “do … Read more

How Changing Habits, Management Theory and Beer Logs Relate to Each Other

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Peter Drucker, Management Expert There is a quote on our wall:  “What gets measured gets managed.” It looks like I have incorrectly attributed it to Peter Drucker who wrote the classic management book The Effective Executive. It also looks like there is some good debate about how this quote applies to things you can’t measure in business, … Read more

4 Simple Prayers

Praying is good for both the mind and the soul, even if you’re an Athiest. I am not going to tell you who or what you should believe. Prayer is open to all and crosses religious boundaries.  You don’t need a dimly lit room with harps playing in the background. It doesn’t have to be … Read more