4 Reasons Why This Blog Is Not for Profit

What’s the purpose? Are you going to monetize it? I have had lots of questions about my intentions for the blog, particularly around money.

Attention is a commodity, now more than ever. I appreciate that I get a tiny snippet of yours each week.

I have no intentions of this blog generating revenue by spamming you with ads, increasing page views, or convincing you to click and buy something. I don’t need you to sign an exclusive membership to join the inner circle and learn my golden secrets. For the foreseeable future joshfrom.nz is NOT for profit.

So what’s the point?

Learn to Communicate with Written Words

I am naturally pretty good at talking. Engage me on a subject I am remotely interested in, my voice goes up a few notches and I could talk to you for hours. I am comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, whether planned or impromptu.

Writing, on the other hand, has always been a weakness and something I struggle with. Naturally, I avoid it by putting myself in situations, jobs, roles where I don’t have to rely on writing. When I recently completed papers at Massey University, I picked ones without essay writing so I could excel.

It was time to embrace writing rather than avoid it.

Create vs Consume

I’ve had many people help me on my journey so far, parents, old McDonalds managers, localbusiness owners and even people that I haven’t met but been able to read and listen to (podcasts). People much smarter than me at specific things, like investing, finance, management, starting and running businesses.

I remember being an 18-year-old shift manager at McDonald’s, reading books like the “One Minute Manager‘ and then going to work and practising what I’d learnt on the shift.

I want to create content – instead of just consuming it -to give back.

I want to share, not only the lessons I have learnt, but the struggles I’ve had and how I’ve overcome them. I will revolve around the topics of running a Business in New Zealand and living life to your full potential. By no means am I claiming to have all the answers, I am still working these out as I go along.

The Joy of Inspiring and Changing Perspectives

One reader emailed to say he sent a post to all his staff with a note about how it related to his business.

Another friend emailed to say he realised how he just lets life happen, rather than being purposeful about his time.

Someone has stopped me in the street to say they read the 4HWW post and how it inspired them. Another friend text to say he started a journal.

Hearing from individuals (that what I have written has impacted them) is immensely satisfying. It makes it all worth it.

This Is Just as Much for Me, as It Is for You

So you still might be thinking there is a hidden motive. What do I get out of this?

In the long run, the blog is helping me build a foundation of my knowledge, teaching me to communicate and increasing my network. These are all good things and I am sure my future business endeavours will benefit from this.

Other than that, I am enjoying the challenge of turning a random thought, lesson or idea into a piece of writing I am happy to post. I truly appreciate your time and attention.

Thanks for Reading,