Challenges of a Mini-Retirement

This is going to sound crazy, but it’s hard to be retired. Much harder than I thought!

It’s hard not to measure the success of your day by how productive you’ve been.

It’s hard to completely kick back, relax and be in the moment.

It’s hard not to feel like you’re spending “too much” time with your family, and it’s probably just as hard for the family to have me always hanging around 🙂 (Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?)

It’s hard to resist the urge to rush out and start a new business.

It’s hard not to feel like I should be doing “something more” with my time.

It’s really hard to get out of the work, eat, sleep routine.

It’s hard because all the people you want to go and do cool stuff with are still working.

It’s hard not to think about how much cash you have going out vs how much is coming in.

It’s hard not to spend time thinking about what I am going to do next, especially when it comes up in conversation very regularly with lots of different people.

The danger of having all this time is it’s really easy to spend way too much time thinking about all of the above.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining!

I have been having a blast, making the most of my time and I know I am very blessed to be in this position.

However, as previously mentioned, I said I would write about the ups and the downs of the mini retirement and I wanted to be genuine.

One of the biggest things this time has made me realise is that my self-worth (or the way I feel about myself) is not determined by what I am doing, my job title or my income.

So there you have it, that’s all for this week 🙂