Introducing Boundless Blog

You may have noticed, The blog has been rebranded this week! On Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 I emailed 8 friends to say I had started with a commitment to write something once a week. Since then I have written 30 posts, been stopped in the street to talk about it and had posts emailed … Read more

2012: The Year We Had a Baby and Started Living the “4-Hour Work Week”

Jacob, 3 days old

Back in 2012 Katie was 26, I was 27 and we had been married for five and a half years. After travelling for 16 months on one way tickets we came back home to good ole Upper Hutt. The previous year we had picked up the Silverspoon (a local restaurant that was about to close) … Read more

Why start a blog?

For years now I have carried a 3b1 notebook with me to take notes, write down ideas and organise my thoughts. I also have a pretty decent stack of notes on the computer in Evernote.   Turning these thoughts and ideas into a formal collection of writing has been something I have wanted to do for … Read more