Maccas to Million$


Dropping Out of High School to Clean Toilets

Failure: The Ups and Downs of Business and Their Challenges

So far in the series I have written:

How to Make a Run Down Restaurant Turn a Profit

Maccas to Millions: A mini-series of lessons learned from McDonald’s and how it helped us buy, fix and sell the Silverspoon – A local restaurant that was about to close its doors.

After dropping out of high school my first job at the local McDonalds was to clean the toilets, car park and various bits of equipment. After working my way up the ranks I ended up running a store for 2 years. McDonalds is also where I meet the love of my life, Katie. We have been happily married for 12 years and now have 2 boys, Jacob and Levi.

Since then I have overseen and managed approximately

  • 8 million dollars of hamburgers, fries and other McDonalds related sales
  • 5.7 million dollars of coffees, meals and other Silverspoon sales
  • Over 10 million dollars of new homes with my latest business adventure Kiwi Homes

In that time, collectively Katie and I have also overseen about 200 staff and currently manage about 60 Sub-contractors and suppliers with KiwiHomes. There have been many hires, and a couple of fires, both the staff kind and the building caught fire once. Along the way, we have made lots of friends, learnt a thing or two about what to do, and more importantly what not do. The “The 4-Hour Workweek” book was instrumental in helping us to remove ourselves from the business and travel before selling.

We have also managed to make a bit of money along the way 🙂

Our business adventures have only just begun, and we have so much more to learn. Turning the lessons we learnt so far into a formal collection of writing has been something I have wanted to do for a while now, but I have been procrastinating, looking for the perfect way to start, waiting for the perfect thing to write about. 

As one of the quotes on my wall says

“Strive for progress, not perfection”