Corporate Life vs Self Employment

Trapper, the cowboy shooter,

Introduction from Josh: Wayne Chapman, aka Trapper, as he is known in cowboy shooting circles is my awesome Dad. He’s been encouraging me in business as early as primary school. As an example, when I was about 10 he helped printing flyers for a little lawn mowing business, to fundraise for my rugby trip. From … Read more

The Key to Getting Unstuck

Introduction from Josh: I have known of Jesse for years now, but only got to know him well in the last year or so. He was the lead pastor at the local church we attend. However, he is definitely not your average pastor! Born in Tucson, Arizona and lived there until he was 10. The … Read more

Introducing Boundless Blog

You may have noticed, The blog has been rebranded this week! On Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 I emailed 8 friends to say I had started with a commitment to write something once a week. Since then I have written 30 posts, been stopped in the street to talk about it and had posts emailed … Read more