Introducing Boundless Blog

You may have noticed, The blog has been rebranded this week!

On Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 I emailed 8 friends to say I had started with a commitment to write something once a week. Since then I have written 30 posts, been stopped in the street to talk about it and had posts emailed around friends workplaces.

It has been fun, and I have learnt so much already. So here is why I am changing…

We Capture the Essence of the Blog

The purpose is still the same, just with a new set of clothes 🙂

An elevator pitch for the blog would be something like… – conversations about life, business and adventure

If we got stuck in the elevator for a tiny bit longer I would add…

Focusing on the small, simple and practical steps you can take to live your life to the full in the various roles you have. Encouragement that the biggest asset you can improve is yourself.

Create a Platform to Work with Other Awesome Contributors is a place to capture other inspiring stories, everyday kiwis sharing their stories and lessons they have learnt. There are several other contributors writing posts now that we will release over the next weeks.

I really enjoyed the Geoff Interview. Not only was it loaded with really practical tips, but it was also refreshing to hear how a down to earth guy achieves results in the corporate sphere. I have lined up some similar interviews and look forward to posting these.

I am sure you will benefit from these conversations just as much as I will.

My Current Ventures

As well as putting a solid amount of time into getting this blog going I still have a day job… Kind of 🙂

There were times where something I had written was relevant to the person or group I was talking to. Yet it felt awkward sending them to – it was like saying go and check out my personal facebook page.

By separating the blog from me I am opening the door for it to be shared and used by more poeple in more settings.

I Am Excited About the Future of

Help spread the word! Here are some of the top posts that have captured the essence of the blog.

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Pick a post that you love and share it with someone today. Send an email, drop it in conversation, or mention it on social media. Let them know why you liked it and what you think they will get out of it.

Thanks for reading,