My Mate Geoff Owns a Time Machine

Geoff and Josh

Geoff is someone that seems to achieve 4 times more than the average person in the same amount of time. He has a knack for juggling multiple projects without dropping a single ball. I wonder if he secretly owns a time machine. Executive Director of HealthCare Services at Wellington Free Ambulance  owns the Silverspoon (he … Read more

6 Blog Posts About Time by People Way Smarter Than Me

Text Message

This text came in the other day from a friend… “How do you juggle being a good husband, dad, business owner, friend and still find time to think, journal and reflect? You’re great at it and I think people would totally benefit from any tips you have! Obviously everyone has time to think…but you seem … Read more

How Changing Habits, Management Theory and Beer Logs Relate to Each Other

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Peter Drucker, Management Expert There is a quote on our wall:  “What gets measured gets managed.” It looks like I have incorrectly attributed it to Peter Drucker who wrote the classic management book The Effective Executive. It also looks like there is some good debate about how this quote applies to things you can’t measure in business, … Read more

Take One Breath, Just like Brushing Your Teeth Part 2

Last week I introduced the “just like brushing your teeth series” and kicked it off with a post about Journaling. A short (less than 500 words), straight-to-the-point conversation on Journaling, Meditation, and Prayer – small practical things you can do every day. Little actions that when repeated consistently make a big impact.  Meditation – Just … Read more