The Southern Crossing in One Day

The “Southern Crossing”. A classic 2-3 day alpine hike in the Tararua’s. We attempted to run it – in one day! ⁣⁣⁣

Car park to car park in 10 hours 19 minutes. Far from a record, but included plenty of time to stop, eat and enjoy the glorious views along the way⁣. ⁣⁣

So blessed to have these mountains in our backyard, we really do live in a beautiful part of the world. ⁣

My Thoughts:

Karl and I had been talking about this for about 2 years and finally decided to attack it. We were originally going to enter the official race but couldn’t make it (due to Karl’s broken toe). In the end, I am glad we didn’t try to race it. I enjoyed that that had a goal to complete it, but we also allowed ourselves the time to stop, rest and reflect.

The track was so muddy and rocky, by far the hardest run I have attempted to date. Technical with lots of walking. The biggest thing that stuck out to me while we were slogging it out was the importance of breaking a big massive goal into bite-sized pieces. Often we would look up and see that the mountains went on forever.

So we would set a small goal and head for that. Before you know it we were there, we had rested, and were ready to “bite off another chunk”.

It really did show me how each and every small step adds up.

Karl’s Thoughts:

I’ve been wanting to do that run since about 2012 so expectations were high. Overall the run was much harder and slower than I expected. Most of the run was un-runnable. 

The best bits were the views, the weather, seeing Mt Hector’s cross in person, and (now) knowing that I’ve walked across the ranges I see from home every day. 

Best single memory would be chilling at the top of mount hector sitting in the sun – I do like a good mountain ascent with a view 🙂 

Surprised by how challenging it was. I knew it would be hard but I just can’t get my head around how people can run that in half the time we did. 

A Few Snaps

Check it out on Strava Here

Closing Thoughts:

Having a partner, someone to take on a massive goal with, is crucial to achieving success.

It’s not impossible to do it on your own, but so much harder. Often I find when my motivation is lacking the partner is there to push you along, and vice-versa. This has been true of running, business and also my marriage with Katie. (Being a parent is so easy… said no one – Ever!)

As we were driving today Jacob, my 6-year-old, asked: “Dad, why do you do lots of runs with Karl”.

I smiled and explained that I enjoy running with Karl because we both have a similar level of fitness and ability. We’re also like-minded about the size of the goal we want to take on, neither of us has a desire to set out and conquer Mt Everest. As well as the great conversations we have about being parents, the finance related books we have read recently and investment/business topics in general.

I have had some amazing adventures with Karl, like the 112 km bike ride, the run to the airport and the Mukamuka Munter. I am looking forward to tackling the next big adventure with him!