How to Give a 5-Year-Old the “Best Day of Their Life”

5-year-old note, best day of his life

Being a parent is both the most rewarding and challenging role I have taken on to date. Kids have this magical ability to get under your skin like no one else. Then 2 minutes later they do something that makes you so proud and all that frustration melts away. They remind you that you’re human. … Read more

My Mate Geoff Owns a Time Machine

Geoff and Josh

Geoff is someone that seems to achieve 4 times more than the average person in the same amount of time. He has a knack for juggling multiple projects without dropping a single ball. I wonder if he secretly owns a time machine. Executive Director of HealthCare Services at Wellington Free Ambulance  owns the Silverspoon (he … Read more

4 Reasons Why This Blog Is Not for Profit

coffee and book

What’s the purpose? Are you going to monetize it? I have had lots of questions about my intentions for the blog, particularly around money. Attention is a commodity, now more than ever. I appreciate that I get a tiny snippet of yours each week. I have no intentions of this blog generating revenue by spamming … Read more